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Clay shoot on 26 October :Garderforeningen i Storbritannien

Dear ALL

I have now had the opportunity to speak with some of our young members and the consensus is that clay shooting is fine if it can be kept at a half day event on a weekday, and an evening at the Grenadier Pub is fine, but should be informal – i.e. no sit down dinner but a meeting time with the freedom to be flexible. Bar menu for food is fine.

Based on the above, I now kindly ask you to pencil in the following:

1.    Clay shoot on 26 October, from 1pm (details below);
2.    Pub evening at the Grenadier on 22 November, from 7pm.
3.    Christmas Lunch at the Danish Club on 8 December from 12:30

Re. 1.:  I have received a very favourable offer from A1 Shooting Grounds, see attachment, as follows: “a Value Plus Package, including 50 targets, 50 cartridges, ear and eye protection, use of club gun and instructor, there is normally 5 people per instructor, so depending on how many of you there are I would get more instructors in.  It will take approximately for a group of five to shot 50 targets 2 to 2 and half hours.  They will be given instruction on safety and then shown how to shot various clay targets over five stands.  The cost is £57.00 per person.” This is half price of our rebated offer from West Wycombe(!!).

The great thing about A1 Shooting Grounds is that it can be reached easily by train from London as it is within the M25.


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